And yeah, the insurance agent can do something to fix them, or even keep them from happening in the first place. In this book we identify these 6 pitfalls and very simple ways agents can make sure their customers remain happy at the end of the claim.



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Paul Lytle

For over ten years Paul has been a trusted resource in insurance, first as an adjuster, then as an agent, and now also as an expert in claims and service. He is the instructor for the Premier Agency Claims Training (PACT) program, an online course for agents to learn claims service, E&O protection, coverage and policy  issues, and claims process. He is also the cohost of It's Covered: The Insurance Podcast, a weekly discussion of insurance issues.



Most problems with insurance claims are very easily solved if someone would just identify them and make a small effort to correct them. Trouble is, most people aren't even looking for them, much less understand what to do next.

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